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An art exhibition in the centre of Ortisei 2015.
2015 will be a very busy year for our Unika group, because we are working at a great novelty:

This art exhibition is organized by the group Unika in cooperation with the municipality  and the tourism office of Ortisei and will take place in the future every 2 years.All the artists of the group Unika were invited to create a work for the exhibition, which is suitable for the venue. Topic, material and size are free. 7 artist will participate at this first edition of the exhibition, from the 9th July to the middle of September 2015.

There will be 6 large sculptures and 1 large painting showed by the following artists:
Armin Grunt, Matthias Verginer, Christian Verginer,  Matthias Kostner, Christian Stl, Stefan Perathoner, Lorenz Demetz, Otto Piazza,  Gerald Moroder, Samuel Perathoner, Eric Perathoner

Several events will frame this beautiful exhibition and  delight all art lovers! Come and visit us!

IDEA Unika 2015

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