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Manifesta 7 - Parallelevents

"Wing beat over borders"
A collective work of the group UNIKA (58 memebers)

The project:
The project consists of an installation of 40 pairs of wings, which are positioned at a height of 3 to 7 metres- all in a row in order to represent the sequence of a wing beat. This piece of work reaches a length of about 250 metres. One single pair of wings has a wingspan of 5 metres and is represented without the body. The whole composition does not represent a bird or an angel but rather symbolical wings.
(The installation is calculated to resist until 180 km/h wind speed)

The content:
The representation reflects the symbiosis between nature and thought projection. Wings as a symbol of wish, dream, craving. Flying being release, relief and liberation.
Our region is moulded/ by borders; political, geographical, cultural and linguistic borders. "Wing beat over borders" wants to examine these borders with a clear view and without any restrictions.
The installation suggests a state, a liberated, unrestricted but conscious state - perceiving, observing, proving facts. The installation is meant to embody the human longing for this state, it shall inspire to the view from above.

The work identifies itself with Manifesta7, being a project reaching beyond the border and cultures.

The idea:
"With wing beat over borders" we intend to call attention to the Manifesta 7 in our region. We sustain the intention to focus on art for some months in a year in the region Trentino/South Tyrol.

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