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The name of the project is movemënt and it’s thought to be the topic and the basic idea for different single projects. The English term „movement“ mixed with the „ë“ we find in the Ladin word for movement create an expressive symbiosis. The word movemënt has so both an international and a local reference. UNIKA wants to pick out the movement as a philosophical principle describing in this way the basic idea of the project. Movemënt is intended for events, exhibitions and other public interventions. It is even more eclectic and extensive than the last projects (fans, beat of its wings) and above all more flexible. That makes possible a conceptual realization of this project that is planned to go on for several years until 2015. In the course of a competition the members of UNIKA have realized different ideas. Some of these ideas have already been accepted. UNIKA starts the project with a first component: a head, 6 metres high, composed by 50 single wooden components. The head has to be seen as a unit, as a symbol for selfconfidence and individuality. The supernatural size of the head gives to the construction a timeless character. The 50 single parts of the head are realized individually by the members of UNIKA and then fit together by a special technique. It’s a team work in the true sense of the word. The head can be placed on different locations: fair pavilions, airports, squares, on the open countryside, on a mountain or a lake. The presentation of the 1:6 model occurs in occasion of UNIKA 2010 and during UNIKA 2011 the finished work of art will be shown to the public for the first time.

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