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What is Unika?

The name holds the meaning in itself: UNIKA symbolises the unique character of each wooden sculpture made by the artists of Val Gardena. It underlines that the sculptors who take part every year at the UNIKA create single works of artistic value showing their artistic talent and creative power.
Unika started 1994 in Val Gardena/Italy as a group of artists with the common aim to promote their work directly to the public and present their ancient and still modern professions of artistic trade.
The group of initially 30 sculptors has since grown to over 40 members, 30 of which participate every year in the UNIKA - Fair of sculpture in Val Gardena.
For four days they transform the Tennis centre in which the event takes place into the largest workshop in the world, thus offering the possibility to the visitor to watch the creation of an unique work of art, get information about the ancient tradition of wood carving in Val Gardena and consider the purchase of a special work.
The remarkable event is completed by a cultural programme based on music an conventions suited to the spirit of UNIKA - Fair of Sculpture in Val Gardena.