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Rossetto Paolo

The boundary between human beings and nature is a flowing and sublime one. They belong to each other though they are different in form. Moreover, man is restricted and domineering, whilst nature is immense and generous. In the works of Paolo Rossetto they become one inseparable, evocative whole. Rossetto's artistic research starts out from the undeniable assumption that nature generates life in the same way as a woman's body does, with the intention of discovering the secret behind it. “A long, heartfelt dialogue between man and nature,” he explains. And he presents a kaleidoscope of bodies, not only of women, a seamless composition of flesh and bark comprising faces, arms, legs, but also tree trunks, branches and leaves. The combination is harmonious and refined.

Piazza von Ferrari 5
39051 Bronzolo (BZ)
+39 349 717 5895