Exhibition at the Franzensfeste - 2023

The Unika Group of Artists has always intended to display their works outside of Val Gardena. This has now been achieved in cooperation with the Franzensfeste Fortress. The fortress offers a special environment that demanded works different from those exhibited at the annual art fair in the Runggaditsch Tennis Centre. Works could be created in a way that could fill the space both inside and outside. The large fortress offered every artist the opportunity to give free rein to their creativity. Many of us were thus able to work in new ways for the first time.
For this reason, it was the members’ heartfelt wish to participate in this extraordinary exhibition. The theme of change can have many meanings and can be variously interpreted.
In a seemingly eternal and unchanging place with stone walls such as the fortress, it sounds strange to speak of change. Nevertheless, many changes have occurred in this building: from a fortress that was supposed to offer protection against the enemy, it has become a cultural centre. This testifies to the great.