Idea UNIKA - 2015

“Ie é na idea” - I’ve got an idea! The exclamation of one UNIKA Group artist which launched this summer’s new cultural initiative: IDEA UNIKA – bringing art to the centre, stimulating passers-by to pause, contemplate and reflect.
The sculptors and painters of the UNIKA Group will present new works, sculptures, installations and paintings that have been made specifically for the exhibition, some of them collaborations by several artists. Materials and size were of free choice. From the camel through the eye of the needle to the oversized wood ants at the entrance of the town, from Wall Street bulls to snow cannons in an exotic environment, from people in imaginary space to people in transit or fleeing – the themes and messages are as diverse as the expression and the creativity of the local artists.
The exhibition is being organized for the first time this year by the UNIKA Group in cooperation with the Ortisei town council and tourist association and in the future will be held every two years.
In this first exhibition, 11 artists are participating with 7 projects which each create in their own way, a dialogue with space and the observer. The exhibition consists of six sculptures or installations and an extensive painting.

Participating artists:

Eric Perathoner, Matthias Kostner, Christian Verginer, Matthias Verginer, Christian Stl, Gerald Moroder, Otto Piazza, Armin Grunt, Stefan Perathoner, Lorenz Demetz, Samuel Perathoner

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