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Idea UNIKA - 2021

Contemporary sculpture and painting in the village centre of Val Gardena Ortisei, S. Cristina and Selva Gardena - July to September 2021

“Ie é na idea” - I’ve got an idea! Starting from this statement of one of the artists of the UNIKA group the cultural initiative IDEA UNIKA comes to its second edition: the main idea is to bring art to the centre, stimulate passers-by to pause, contemplate and reflect. The sculptors and painters of the UNIKA group are going to present new works, sculptures, paintings and installations that have been made specifically for this exhibition, one of them as a team work of several artists. Materials and size were of free choice. The themes and messages are as diverse as the expression and the creativity of the local artists.
The exhibition has been organized for the first time four years ago by the UNIKA group in cooperation with the villages of Ortisei, S. Cristina, Selva Gardena and Castelrotto council and the tourist associations and will be held every two years in future. In this edition of the exhibition, 17 artists are participating with 11 projects created each in their own way as a dialogue with the space and the observer. The open air exhibition is curated by the art historian Andrea Baffoni from Perugia.

Participating artists

Adolf Vinatzer, Armin Grunt, Christian Stl, Egon Digon, Fabrizio Senoner, Filip Piccolruaz Gerald Moroder, Hansi Demetz, Hubert Mussner, Ivo Piazza, Lukas Mayr, Otto Piazza, Paolo Rossetto, Roland Perathoner, Samuel Perathoner, Walter Pancheri, Wilhelm Senoner.


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