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UNIKA's LONG Night 2024

Concert by the South Tyrolean singer-songwriter Max von Milland

Starts at 8:30 PM - Doors open at 8:00 PM

Max von Milland. the South Tyrolean singer-songwriter takes you on a musical journey that traverses the entire world, but always has South Tyrol in his luggage. If one could pack South Tyrol into songs, Max von Milland would certainly come closest to the sound. His music embodies the essence of the region around Brixen - his homeland. The singer-songwriter encapsulates the language and the spirit of South Tyrol in a unique style, deeply rooted in his homeland yet as cosmopolitan as Max himself. On a journey to himself, he moved from metropolis to metropolis, only to discover that South Tyrol always accompanied him. The memories, the language, the people - all that makes home. This unique path shapes his style today. Modern and traditional. Cosmopolitan and approachable. Because Max von Milland carries the world in his heart. And his homeland on his tongue.

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Cooperation with filmfestival Dolomitale Val Gardena

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